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My Celebrity Crushes

5 Oct

We all have them. Some are obvious choices. Some I shouldn’t admit (there I go again with the confessing thing…).

Without further ado…

The Obvious

Ryan Gosling

Ladies and Gents: Ryan has arrived. Gents, you may go home now.

James McAvoy

Yes please.

Ryan Reynolds

Best with facial hair.

The Comic

Jimmy Fallon

This guy laughs at his own jokes. I laugh at my own jokes (albeit, I am the only one laughing). I love him.

Demetri Martin

Important Things indeed.

The Artist

Ryan Adams

Are you seeing a theme here? I like geek chic.

The Baby

Zac Efron

Goodness gracious.

Justin Bieber.

Do I feel a little weird about this one? Yes. Do I care? No.

The Intellectual

Andersoon Cooper

This guy is a journalistic genius AND a silver fox.

The Athlete

Bode Miller

He’s just got that face you swear you know, right? Hey Bode, remember me? Pretty sure we’ve hung out before.

Rafael Nadal

No.1 Tennis Player in the world… Uh… yeah…

The Twisted

Jack White

Sexy. I seriously cannot explain my attraction to him.

Conan O’Brien

Why? Because I can.


I’m Alive!

15 Sep

I’m alive people.



Give me a week or so to get settled in my new home before returning to regular posting.

I have lots of new and exciting things to share!

How To Be Alone

18 Aug

Saw this video floating around on the internets.

I love it.

For most of my life, I have required, no I have commanded, that I am with people at all times. I was never comfortable being alone. I was the child that would sneak out of the house to go play with my friends at six years old (Carter has repeated this very thing recently) and to be alone was akin to death in my world.

Being a divorced woman and single mother, I was forced to be alone for a time.  It was hard. I hated almost every minute of it. But guess what? It was healing.

Years later, I find myself willingly, longingly even, looking for these quiet moments of peace. I look forward to every moment spent alone; whether it be reading a book in the park or driving home from work in the car.

I finally have embraced me. I no longer look for validation in that of others company or companionship. And when people do show up in my life, I invite them in knowing that if I was fearful of being alone, they may have never showed up anyway.

Lonely is a freedom that breathes easy and weightless and lonely is healing if you make it.

Business Time

17 Aug

(My blog title makes me laugh. It’ll make you laugh too if you are at all familiar with this.)

Two items of business today:

First, the Top 3 color schemes for my blog design (in no particular order). Almost every single scheme had votes on it. It was a close race but here is the final outcome. Drumroll please…….




I am confident I can select the final color scheme for the blog! Yes! Blog design shall be under way soon!

Second item of business:

The winner of the $20 gift certificate to Rice Asian Fusion! This is going to be a tough call- I had better enlist the help of to select a winner {sar-cough-casm}. I know I said we needed at least 32 comments for the contest to be valid, but what can I say?

Rules are made to be broken.

The winner is #1 – Timm Summ! Congratulations! I’ll get your gift certificate to you ASAP.

I’ll leave y’all with a video with beautiful images playing to a song that is serving as the soundtrack to my latest epiphany. Details of said epiphany coming soon.

Commitment Issues

11 Aug

I have commitment issues.

Case(s) in point:

I buy a new duvet cover. I enjoy it for a few days and then I realize; This duvet cover is tying me to this robin egg’s blue/orange/yellow/lime green/pink color scheme! What if I wanted to add Navy Blue  into this scheme? Impossible. I need a new duvet cover.

 I intend to bake a delicious pastry. I get out all the ingredients and even tie up an adorable apron. Recipe. Ingredients. EXACT measurements. This is too much pressure! I opt for a bowl of cereal instead.

I am going to be a body builder (I really thought this…). No, a photographer. I’m going to start a social media firm. I’m going to make A LOT of money and become a famous makeup artist! I am going to build an empire on lash extensions. I’m in love. No, I’m not. I’m going to homeschool Carter. I’m going to travel the world with just a backpack. I’m going to buy a house and start a farm. I’m going to the big city and living metro in a high-rise condo. I am going to start a day spa. I am going to run a marathon! Heck, I’m going to do an Ironman triatholon! I might marry this guy. No, I won’t. I’m going to wake up every morning and do thirty minutes of yoga every day. I am going to pray every morning and every night. I am going to read a book a week.

 I am going to blog every day.

Hey! I have fulfilled my commitment of blogging kind of consistently for one entire month!

Yes! Today is my 1-monthiversary!

In honor of this magnificent day of devotion, I am doing a giveaway if I can actually part with my beloved prize! You can win a $20 gift certificate to Rice Fusion Cuisine (featured on my blog here)!

*This prize is ideal for those who live in the Wasatch Valley or those who travel or will travel to Salt Lake City within the next 4 months.

In order to qualify for the giveaway, comment in the section below with your greatest commitment. If you share this link on Facebook or Twitter, comment below with the link to your post! You can enter up to three times this way! Oh, and we need a certain number of posts to get this giveaway going- let’s say 32, since it’s been 32 days since my first post- so share away! The winner will be selected randomly. Winner will be announced next week, Wednesday, August 17th.

And by the way, my greatest commitment is a great one. It’s this little guy.

New Blog Design – Color Scheme

8 Aug

My coworker Jonathan and our company webmaster, has agreed to do a custom design for my blog. As an “artist” (read here to see what I mean), the first order of business is deciding on a color scheme. I LOVE color. It is sooo difficult for me to choose because I love all the color combinations I’ve chosen so far.

I need help people.

I have narrowed it down to the TOP 10 and I ask all of you to vote on your TOP 3. Please keep in mind the name of my blog and my personal style (if you know me). I should be able to manage choosing one from three.


Just comment after this post with your TOP 3 Picks.

Thank you! You will be rewarded.











Writer’s Block

5 Aug

Oh, I know what you are thinking.

Writer’s block?! Really Carly? You only started blogging like 2 weeks ago.

‘Tis true.

However, you may not know that I spend a good portion of my 40 hours per week at my place of work writing.

So in lieu of a blog post today, here are some wonderfully random, recent pictures of my summer adventures.

Our first sproutling!

He scored every game!

The Rainbow Drink

Organic Summer Squash!

My Birthday Peony

Work Lunch Ritual

Happy Friday! Be safe out there.