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1st Day of School

22 Aug








Commitment Issues

11 Aug

I have commitment issues.

Case(s) in point:

I buy a new duvet cover. I enjoy it for a few days and then I realize; This duvet cover is tying me to this robin egg’s blue/orange/yellow/lime green/pink color scheme! What if I wanted to add Navy Blue  into this scheme? Impossible. I need a new duvet cover.

 I intend to bake a delicious pastry. I get out all the ingredients and even tie up an adorable apron. Recipe. Ingredients. EXACT measurements. This is too much pressure! I opt for a bowl of cereal instead.

I am going to be a body builder (I really thought this…). No, a photographer. I’m going to start a social media firm. I’m going to make A LOT of money and become a famous makeup artist! I am going to build an empire on lash extensions. I’m in love. No, I’m not. I’m going to homeschool Carter. I’m going to travel the world with just a backpack. I’m going to buy a house and start a farm. I’m going to the big city and living metro in a high-rise condo. I am going to start a day spa. I am going to run a marathon! Heck, I’m going to do an Ironman triatholon! I might marry this guy. No, I won’t. I’m going to wake up every morning and do thirty minutes of yoga every day. I am going to pray every morning and every night. I am going to read a book a week.

 I am going to blog every day.

Hey! I have fulfilled my commitment of blogging kind of consistently for one entire month!

Yes! Today is my 1-monthiversary!

In honor of this magnificent day of devotion, I am doing a giveaway if I can actually part with my beloved prize! You can win a $20 gift certificate to Rice Fusion Cuisine (featured on my blog here)!

*This prize is ideal for those who live in the Wasatch Valley or those who travel or will travel to Salt Lake City within the next 4 months.

In order to qualify for the giveaway, comment in the section below with your greatest commitment. If you share this link on Facebook or Twitter, comment below with the link to your post! You can enter up to three times this way! Oh, and we need a certain number of posts to get this giveaway going- let’s say 32, since it’s been 32 days since my first post- so share away! The winner will be selected randomly. Winner will be announced next week, Wednesday, August 17th.

And by the way, my greatest commitment is a great one. It’s this little guy.

Our First Summer Harvest

10 Aug

We must give more in order to get more. It is the generous giving of ourselves that produces the generous harvest. 
– Orison Swett Marden

Summer Straigntneck Squash, Jalapeno Peppers, Bush Beans, Green Zebra Heirloom Tomatoes, Black Beauty Zucchini, Red Brandywine Tomato, Yellow Pear Tomatoes, Rainbow Cherry Tomatoes, Green Onions, Sweet Dumpling Squash

Colors of the Rainbow

3 Aug

Recently, I made a trip to downtown Salt Lake City, where my two 4′ x 20′ plots are located in a community garden. I weeded, trimmed and cut back plants to my absolute satisfaction. With the sun warming my skin, I looked over my plots with pride, taking in all the lush green, yellow, orange, red and pink. I lazily breathed in the earthy goodness. Why is gardening so therapeutic anyway?

The only plant ready to harvest was my Rainbow Swiss Chard. I carefully plucked the outer leaves off of my plants and I had an array of colors- red, pink, yellow, orange and green. I have never actually eaten Swiss Chard before, but I was told it is great for juicing, which I am an avid fan of. So, I thought I’d give it a shot. It is by far the easiest thing I have grown to date. I grew it from seed and it grew to maturity really quickly; 45 days or less. It was quite resilient with all the flooding rains and the opposing heat we’ve experienced this summer. You go swiss chard! Sadly, my spinach wasn’t blessed with the same tenacity.

I headed home with my surplus (seriously, I have a ton. If you want some, lemme know) of chard and began to prepare it. I enlisted Carter to help me with the washing and separating of the chard. He was marginally interested in the project- only because he had been the one to plant the seeds. We had an assembly-style operation taking place. I would inspect the chard (for damaged stems or worse- bugs!), wash the chosen chard and give it a quick shake. I would then pass it off to Carter who would blot the chard with a paper towel and lay it out nicely on a dry towel. Our system was very efficient and quite methodic. As I inspected, washed and shook, I would occasionally hear a snapping noise behind me. I noticed it the first few times and kept right on with my job. Eventually, there became a real rhythmic way to the snapping;  Snap-crunch-crunch-Snap-crunch-crunch-Snap-crunch-crunch

What the?

I turned around and to my sheer horror, I found Carter biting off a piece of stem off every. single. piece. of chard! What the?! What the?!

Now, let me just tell you- Carter is pretty much a carnivore. I have done my best to subtly impress my views on refraining from meat and eating a mostly plants-based diet. Let’s just say it hasn’t stuck. Or so I thought.

For some reason beyond my comprehension, Carter actually enjoyed eating swiss chard. So I didn’t interrupt him. I didn’t interfere into his exploration of this new vegetable. I didn’t shout, “You’re contaminating the chard!!” (I must admit, contamination always crosses my mind. I’m a bit of a germaphobe). I was simply content with the fact that if he CHOSE to eat vegetables, who was I to get in the way?

Perhaps because of his involvement in the gardening process (picking out seeds, preparing soil, planting the seeds, watering multiple times a week and finally, harvesting the chard), he saw more value and appreciation in this miraculous plant, and therefore, it appeared more appetizing.

According to, studies of after-school programs suggest that kids who garden are more likely to eat the produce they grow as well as the ones you put on their plate.

Here are some good ideas on growing a garden with the kiddos in mind and hopefully in turn, encouraging them to eat just a little more healthily.

Colors as vibrant as the rainbow helps too.