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My Celebrity Crushes

5 Oct

We all have them. Some are obvious choices. Some I shouldn’t admit (there I go again with the confessing thing…).

Without further ado…

The Obvious

Ryan Gosling

Ladies and Gents: Ryan has arrived. Gents, you may go home now.

James McAvoy

Yes please.

Ryan Reynolds

Best with facial hair.

The Comic

Jimmy Fallon

This guy laughs at his own jokes. I laugh at my own jokes (albeit, I am the only one laughing). I love him.

Demetri Martin

Important Things indeed.

The Artist

Ryan Adams

Are you seeing a theme here? I like geek chic.

The Baby

Zac Efron

Goodness gracious.

Justin Bieber.

Do I feel a little weird about this one? Yes. Do I care? No.

The Intellectual

Andersoon Cooper

This guy is a journalistic genius AND a silver fox.

The Athlete

Bode Miller

He’s just got that face you swear you know, right? Hey Bode, remember me? Pretty sure we’ve hung out before.

Rafael Nadal

No.1 Tennis Player in the world… Uh… yeah…

The Twisted

Jack White

Sexy. I seriously cannot explain my attraction to him.

Conan O’Brien

Why? Because I can.