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11 Things I shouldn’t Admit… But I will.

21 Sep

11. Once, after a first kiss with a guy I was dating, I laid on my bedroom floor for an entire day. It was that good.

10. I have a serious, serious, serious wedding gown obsession. I have (on multiple occasions) considered putting a fake wedding ring on just so I can try on wedding gowns.

9. All of the labels of canned goods in my pantry must be facing forward. A little OCD?… Possibly.

8. I belt it out in the car to tunes like I am a contestant on American Idol. Sometimes I even close my eyes to really get into it. I realize this is reckless endangerment to all those vehicles around me but what’s a girl to do? Gotta get into those soulful moments, ya know?

7. I fall in love waaaaaaaay too easily.

6. Even though for the past decade, I have been working in the skincare/beauty industry, I choose not to wash my face at night sometimes…

5. I floss my teeth while talking to clients on the phone at work. I did it at my last job, and I continue it at this one. Disgusting you say? That’s what I call an effective use of my time friends.

4. When I see a woman jogging down the street as I am driving by, I say to myself, but out loud, “Get it gurl. Get it.” After my brief training period for a half-marathon, I have a whole new respect for runners- especially women who run.

3. Even though I eat mostly a plant-based and clean diet, I have one weakness/craving and it’s a terrible one. McDonald’s Breakfast Burritos.

2. I am attracted to younger men (early 20’s) and older men (mid 30’s). You will never see me date anyone in the range of 26 to 30 years old. Bad, bad, age range for me.

1.  I don’t remember (or maybe never realized) how to do math fractions.

Phew! Feels so good to get that off my chest!!
How about you? Any confessions you’d like to share?

I’m Alive!

15 Sep

I’m alive people.



Give me a week or so to get settled in my new home before returning to regular posting.

I have lots of new and exciting things to share!