Brick Wall

24 Aug

Do you ever feel as if you’ve just plowed into a brick wall, head-first? Yeah, I’ve been  getting that feeling this last week.

Imagine if you will, I am a real competitive runner (funny, I know), on the line of a race, waiting for the whistle to blow…

Whistle blows.

I jet off the line with my upper body propelling me forward. I throw all of my energy and strength into moving forward. I’m getting a steady, strong pace going and as I start to straighten my body and lift my head to look ahead…










Brick wall.

I crumple to the ground.

This hurts.

Disappointment. Pain. Frustration. Humiliation.

How could this happen? I was running so fast and strong and I was LOVING every second of it.

Do I just remain on the ground and cry?

Do I crawl off the track and back into the stands where I came from? To the safety of spectating?

Or do I peel myself off the asphault, dust myself off and start again?

My intention of this post is not for  pity or consolation. I’m just being real. I’m being fragile. I’ve experienced a week where everything that could possibly go wrong has. And it’s right on the tail of feeling like I was on top of the world. And for the record, I will get back up and run with all my strength again and I will love every second of it.


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