28 Jul

Gladly. Yum.

Today I delighted in three (yes, you read that right) heavenly pieces of toast. Holy smokes people! I never realized how much I am fond of this most basic food- a food staple, if you will.

My favorite? Aspen Mills Squaw Bread with vegan Earth-Balance spread.

Oh. my. goodness.

Side note: Aspen Mills is a local Utah bakery with no website, no list of grocery retailers and no apparent way to order. Although it is apparently found in 7 other surrounding states, Aspen Mills bread is an elusive creature and if you find yourself lucky enough to come across it, snatch it up quickly- toast, butter and enjoy.  You may never be so fortunate again. For any of you local Utahans, I get mine at Whole Foods in Salt Lake City. 

So where did this indulgence with toast begin? I blame it on my father. I spent my entire childhood and adolescence watching my dad’s persistent daily routine. A creature of habit my father is (I just wrote this line with Yoda’s voice in mind).

Dad walks in the house through the garage door, puts his lunchbox full of empty tupperware containers (my dad always took cereal to work) in the sink, places the mail on the kitchen counter and begins his toasting ritual. One-to-two pieces of toast daily with all the fixings like butter, homemade jam and even from time-to-time, a sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar.

The distinct, smoldering, toasty smell begins to drift into the air of our home.

Dad enjoys his warm, golden toast while opening mail. Depending on what bills mail he receives that day, either a cheerful whistling or an aggressive bashing on his drum set would ensue.

Believe it or not, I can’t recall a time as a child or teen actually enjoying toast goodness. It came later, as I aged in life and as I became much more “mature” and wise. Or maybe, this onset of toast fixation came as a result of reaching for my ever-evasive former carefree and juvenile life.

(How can I possibly still be going on about toast?!)

Either way, it is most definitely my comfort food. Is three pieces of toast excessive? Perhaps. At least it’s not three slabs of country fried steak I say.

Don’t you love that toaster? I found the image here and it’s actually available to purchase! Go on and get one!


One Response to “Toasted.”

  1. elle July 29, 2011 at 12:33 am #

    haha! i have been totally obsessed with toast lately too! that’s so funny, maybe there’s something in the air or maybe there’s been an influx of subliminal advertisements from bread or toaster companies lately? 🙂

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